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Classic Cars Club - Private Club - Only verified members - Acceptance by invitation

Do you want a club with meetings to get close to other car enthusiasts regularly ? Do you want free advices from professionals? Do you want to attend exclusive events with major personalities, local and worldwide? Well, here is your place. Why and what you get for your yearly membrship?

Social events and member advice - You are more likely to find social evenings and other members willing to offer hands-on help or advice.
Other experienced owners can offer tips and advice on things they have learned the hard way and might know of local garages and parts suppliers that can help.
We have contacts with the major repair shops and specialists that can solve almost everything on most of the classic car market.
Regular events such as indoor games and quiz nights run side-by-side with talks from manufacturers and suppliers - creating the perfect blend of community and knowledge-building… and often over a sensible drink.
Europewide gatherings in best places.
Unforgetable events.
What does it tale to be a part of the best existing classic club?

NEW STAR membership non refundable tax is 1.000
  • Access to member impressions and knowledge
  • Access to events
  • Full privacy
  • Monthly magazine
SILVER membership 5.000
  • All the NEW STAR benefits
  • Free consultation with one car brand mechanics
  • Soft drinks included at most of the events
GOLD membership 10.000
  • All the SILVER benefits
  • 1 Time Free SPA for your car
  • Twice a year free visit to a repair shop from GOLD category shops
  • Food & Beverage included at every event hosted by the Club
  • One Event car delivery
  • Valet parking at our events
PLATINUM membership 50.000
  • All the GOLD benefits
  • Free SPA for you and your car
  • You are first in the waiting list of our specialists
  • Full access, food, beverage and accomodation at every event hosted by our Club AND our partners
  • Free delivery for your car at every event hosted by our club
  • Personal assistant during our events
  • One guest with full benefits
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We offer you and your car the best time of your life, eforthless, worry less, just sit confortable and enjoy the ride
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Past Events

The Annual Convention01 Nov 2019St Moritz, Switzerland
Padova Motor Show24 Oct 201935131 Padova, PD, Italy
The Festival23 Aug 2019Nice, France
The Big Conference21 Jun 2019Gdańsk, Poland
  • Kyburgstrasse 8314, Zürich, Switzerland